Summer is just around the corner, so you’ve just booked your rental home, scoped the best beach options, and checked out the events, shops, and local favorites you want to explore during your trip. Everything is falling into place.

But vacation rental homes don’t typically come stocked with everything you might need for a comfortable stay. So, you might be worried about arriving at your VRBO or Airbnb to find a bare pantry and a lack of necessities.

Will you have to spend your entire vacation finding and scouring unfamiliar shops? Or, if you order from a grocery store delivery service, you’ll have to stock the kitchens and bathrooms, prep ingredients, and figure out what meals to plan. And you thought this would be a vacation.

The Key to Vacation Nirvana

If you hire a professional Culinary Consultant, your rental will be fully stocked with groceries and supplies before and throughout your stay. In addition to food, beverage and other provisions, your consultant can also prep your fresh ingredients and plan a few of your meals before you arrive—and make sure you have all the comforts of home on hand so you can truly enjoy your vacation.

What Does a Culinary Consultant Do?

Professional Grocery Shopper: A culinary consultant knows the local shops in and out and stocks your vacation home with everything you need during your stay. They take your preferences and any food sensitivities into account.
Fresh Food Preparation & Meal Planning: If desired, your culinary consultant can wash and prepare your fresh produce, meat, seafood, and other ingredients so that your meals come together in a flash. They can also help you plan meals—one less thing you have to worry about on your vacation.
Personal Chef: Want to take a night off from cooking but don’t feel like dining out? Or host a gathering in your vacation home without worrying about the food? Your culinary consultant is highly qualified to create perfect meals for your family or an event.

The Solution to the Vacation Rental Dilemma

As you complete your summer vacation “to-do” list, add the one task that will allow you to eliminate so many others: hire a culinary consultant for food and beverage provisioning and vacation meal-planning.

Don’t stress about the staples, and take a vacation from errands—because the last thing you want to do on vacation is go grocery shopping every few days. And rather than waiting around for grocery store delivery services or meal kits, you can work out a delivery plan that fits your schedule.

Your Culinary Consultant will make sure your kitchen is stocked with the basics as well as all of your favorite foods and beverages.

When entrusting your relaxation to a professional, you want someone with experience, creativity, and a positive attitude. Rachel Mack is excited to be your Culinary Consultant, and brings extensive experience to the table.

Rachel is a “lifelong lover of quality food and discovering the best places to grocery shop”. She has been a celebrity personal chef, meal planner, culinary and event consultant, and professional grocery shopper for twenty years.

After consulting with you about your tastes and needs, she will provide a turnkey vacation rental experience, allowing you to savor every moment of your vacation. Learn more »