Are you not sure what you’re going to make for dinner tonight? There’s plenty of ingredients in your pantry, but how can you marry them into a delicious gourmet meal? If you’re the next victim of the Kitchen Thief™, you don’t need to worry about it!

Who is the Kitchen Thief™? 

Chef Rachel Mack has exceptional taste and an appetite for culinary convenience. After spending 25-years honing her skills as an event producer and culinary consultant to some of America’s top fortune 500 companies as well as Hollywood stars, including Rosie O’Donnell and Judy Gold, Mack has perfected the art of always being prepared to “whip up something from nothing”! Now, she is bringing her gourmet secrets to a kitchen near you (it might even be your kitchen)!

How Does the Kitchen Thief™ Operate?

In a future episode of “Celebrity Kitchen Thief™”, Rachel Mack surprises an unsuspecting homeowner with a knock on the door that turns into an undercover kitchen takeover! In under one hour, Mack will rob the kitchen cabinets, raid the fridge, and empty out the spice drawer, gathering the perfect ingredients to perform her culinary magic! Without a menu or recipe and using only the ingredients she can put her hands on in the house, Mack promises to whip up a gourmet meal in record time and leaves the family and viewers begging for more! Seeing is believing! “The Kitchen Thief™” has never met a kitchen or challenge she didn’t love or couldn’t conquer!

Book Rachel Mack, the Notorious Kitchen Thief™ for Your Next Vacation in Florida!

You have plenty of things to plan for your next vacation to Florida, but food, beverages, and meals shouldn’t be one of them. Make sure when either you step into the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal or the Kitchen Thief™ comes to cook for your family and friends that your pantry is adequately stocked! When you book Rachel Mack for your vacation she will ensure you and your family have access to only the best foods. Services include:

  • Food and beverage provisioning services 
    • Purchases food and beverages
    • Washes all fruits and vegetables and prepares and packages all ingredients for turnkey usage
    • Stocks your refrigerator and pantry before your scheduled arrival
  • Meal planning consultant
    • Assists in helping plan out meals for the duration of your stay based on your tastes, preferences, and dietary requirements
  • Personal chef
    • Let Rachel Mack prepare a gourmet meal for you and your guests one or more nights during your stay! As a bonus, learn tips from the best to take back to your own kitchen.

Rachel Mack will first contact you or your agency and schedule a personal intake session either by phone, email or in person. She will learn the needs of you and your family, take notes of any allergies and specific dietary requirements. Based on your arrival date, she will deliver only the freshest foods and beverages, stock your kitchen and confirm delivery! You arrive to a fully stocked kitchen ready for turnkey usage! Book Rachel Mack today for your next visit to Florida!