Wherever it is in the world you’re going, you’re probably going to want to eat while the journey lasts. Long distance cruising has the potential to take you across the world, exploring new cultures and locations, and transforming your life into a real adventure. That being said, it can be hard to appreciate the experience when your food supply isn’t up to scratch. Preparation and planning are essential in making sure your cruise is well-stocked enough to keep everyone happy. To get the most out of your cruising experiencing, there are a few things about food provisioning for long distance cruising worth keeping in mind.

Planning For The Journey

As exciting as it may sound to throw caution to the winds and daringly voyage into the unknown, things tend to go smoother when we actually have a plan. When cruising long distances, it’s important to remember that you’ll mostly have to rely on the things we started with. Picking things up along the way is definitely an option, and well worth doing for the adventure, but you’re still going to want to have plenty of stuff before you begin. 

Some important things to bear in mind are;

  • How long is this journey going to last?
  • How many people are coming along?
  • Where are you going and what’s available along the way?
  • Remember that you’ll need to bring enough food to last a few days, weeks, or possibly even months.
  • Depending on how many people are coming, the cost and weight of all that food can add up pretty fast.

It’s a fine balance between bringing enough to keep you satisfied and splurging on supplies you won’t need. It may seem like having more than enough is better than having less, but having more can also be complicated. Keep in mind that even the biggest boats have their weight limit, and spoiled food may attract pests if left onboard. It’s important to look after all your essentials first before adding anything extra to the list.

Deciding On Provisions

We’ll work together to decide on a list of essential food products and other items for the venture. As a culinary consultant, I like to make sure you’re provided with most of the things you’re accustomed to eating. We don’t need to limit the supplies to oatmeal and beans if that isn’t normal for you. Instead, we’ll focus on the things you like that can last throughout your trip.

  • Canned goods and other pantry items are a staple of longevity and should definitely be on the list.
  • Things like rice, nuts, pasta, and packaged foods are almost always a good choice for keeping you well-fed while the journey lasts.
  • Feel free to tell me what your favorites are. Things like coffee, wine, chocolate, and other luxury foods are completely fine as long as you have your essentials.
  • Condiments and spices are great to have as well. After all, you’re much more likely to enjoy your voyage when you’re able to enjoy the things you love. 
  • Perishable items like Un-canned fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, and un-frozen meats are fine too, but should generally be limited.

Living The Adventure

Long distance cruises are something few other forms of travel could compare to. Almost anything can happen when you’re on the sea. You can go almost anywhere and there’s no telling who or what you might see. It pays to have what you need to start off, but there’s nothing wrong with stopping by new places to find supplies either. There are many seaside towns on this planet with their own unique food, culture, and sights to see. There’s nothing wrong with taking a chance with something new, especially when you still have all your favorites on board to rely on. 

If you’re in need of someone to help with provisioning for a long distance cruise, a vacation home, or planning a social event of any kind, let’s talk! Feel free to reach me here for whatever new adventure you may be planning!