Professional Grocery Shopper

A lifelong lover of quality food and discovering the best places to grocery shop, I quickly ascertain sources, navigate grocery store layouts, best times and places to shop for any number of particular ingredients—from hard to find gourmet foods to locally produced farm-to-table items.

Packages: Seasonally Available in Sarasota, FL & Cape Cod, MA

Vacation Package:
Customized grocery shopping and beverage selection to your specifications, understanding food sensitivities and preferences, and including delivery and stocking your pantry and refrigerator.
Fee: $250

Chef’s Choice Package:
Package 1 plus cleaning and cutting fresh produce and fruit; portioning, packaging and labeling all protein (meat, poultry, fish, tofu, etc.), and weekly meal-planning.
Fee: $375

With numerous referrals, I guarantee you a level of trust and comfort with regard to your provisioning needs.

“Rachel came to work for my wife and I when we were advised by a doctor we needed to lose weight. Rachel sat down with us and we went over the do’s and don’ts of the diet. Based on that, Rachel crafted excellent meals each week and would revise the recipe if we so wished. The results were excellent. We were able to enjoy food, not have to cook at night, did not need to go out for dinner and still enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who needs a personal chef that is not afraid to improvise based on the client’s needs and is so pleasant to work with. We plan on using her for upcoming catering events we are hosting in our home. I have no doubt our guests will enjoy her cooking too. Her prices are reasonable and in comparing the cost of going out or ordering in meals, she is much more affordable and better.” – Brian and Carol Spillane