When you’re staying in a vacation home, supermarket home delivery can seem like an appealing option. Rather than going out multiple times a week to shop, you can just stay in, submit a quick order, and have all your groceries delivered at the click of a button. What could be better? Well, a professional grocery shopper for one thing! For all their benefits, home delivery programs simply can’t compete with the fully-customized service that you get from an expert who knows you on a personal level.

Where Delivery Services Fall Short


Most vacationers turn to a grocery delivery service for the convenience. Everyone knows what a hassle shopping can be, especially when you just want to relax and enjoy your time away from work. But are grocery store delivery services really that much more convenient?

Consider that many stores offering delivery operate on a set delivery schedule. Often, they’ll give you a specific window of time during which you have to be home to receive the delivery. When you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t have to rearrange your time to suit a chain’s delivery times! Instead, look for an option that works around your schedule.


If you’re like most people, you probably have pretty specific preferences about what your produce should look and taste like. When you go to the store yourself (or send a trusted professional), you can be sure that what you buy matches your standards and tastes. But when you entrust this task to a grocery store picker, though, you’re less likely to get someone with the same level of experience and care. Most likely, your groceries will be selected by someone with hundreds of other orders to fill, meaning yours gets little individual attention. While the reasons for this are understandable, you deserve more from your meals!


Most grocery delivery services are store-specific, meaning you’re constrained to only brands that they have in stock. Especially when you’re away from home, these might not be your favorites—or even ones you’re familiar with. A personal shopper, on the other hand, can easily go from store to store, including to local farmer’s markets and other purveyors, to get exactly what you want. Few other services can match this benefit.

Where a Professional Shopper Comes In

In terms of convenience, quality, and flexibility, big box stores simply can’t compete with a professional grocery shopper. From our first meeting, I’ll take comprehensive notes of your preferences on every aspect of my service, including what brands you like and what times you’re typically home. By getting to know you personally, I can be sure that you are satisfied at every step of the process.
For each delivery, I’ll go from store to store to ensure that every product delivered to you is exactly what you want. What’s more, I personally see to it that your groceries arrive at a time that works for you. And because of my long-standing relationships with rental agencies in the Sarasota region, I can even make sure your groceries are waiting for you the moment you step into your rental! This way, you won’t have to spend a second of your vacation thinking about groceries.
I’ll also go further than just shopping and delivery. Depending on your needs, I can:

  • Provide meal planning expertise, including full recipes, instructions, and schedules for your convenience.
  • Unpack and date groceries to save you time.
  • Cut, wash, package all your produce and raw ingredients, leaving absolutely no kitchen busy-work for you to worry about.
    If all this sounds appealing, let’s schedule a conversation about how I can make your vacation stress- and shopping-free.