Hi, I’m Rachel: Your Culinary Consultant

Areas of Expertise

  • Culinary Consultation
  • Hospitality Service
  • Food & Beverage Provisioning
  • Private Chef
  • Launch Parties
  • Golf Outings
  • Food & Wine Tastings
  • Event Marketing
  • Kitchen Feng Shui


  • University of Michigan, Festival Management
  • International Culinary Center (formerly The French Culinary Institute), New York City
  • BS, Hospitality and Tourism Management department at the Isenberg School of Management (formerly School of Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Administration), University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Providing clients with quality, customized hospitality service and food & beverage provisioning.

With 25 years of corporate hospitality and event expertise, I have developed a deep understanding of working with clients to design and deliver experiences tailored to their needs. A lifelong lover of quality food and discovering the best places to grocery shop, I quickly ascertain sources, navigate grocery store layouts, best times and places to shop for any number of particular ingredients—from hard to find gourmet foods to locally produced farm-to-table items.

With numerous referrals, I guarantee you a level of trust and comfort with regard to your hospitality event and provisioning needs.

When clients talk about working with me, the most common words they use are reliable, flexible, understanding, high-endurance, knowledgeable, creative and full of flair.

In my career I’ve tackled everything from transforming the student dining experience at USC into a popular dining destination with innovative food offerings to having worked at the highest level of hospitality in the Olympic Movement—in Los Angeles, Seoul, Calgary, Barcelona and London—running VIP hospitality programs for sponsors. I’ve also worked as Special Events Director for the Disney Corporation at ESPN Magazine, Director of Marketing for The ESPY Awards, and chaired The V Foundation for Cancer Research—raising million of dollars by leveraging ESPN’s assets to bring awareness to the cause.

Experienced Personal Chef

I have been retained by Rosie O’Donnell as her family’s personal chef, having worked in this capacity since 2012. The logistics include numerous private homes and vacation spots, accommodating a variety of tastes, special guests, children, special occasions, holidays, and last minute requests.
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I’ve also worked as food provisioning consultant and personal chef for several private clients, including a couple—both of whom are high-level executives in need of a more convenient way to eat healthy.
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How I Collaborate with Clients

As a Culinary Consultant, I provide packaged options for food and beverage provisioning for a number of scenarios: homes and vacation rentals, as well as 55′-60′ yacht charters and sailboats. Through an initial intake session, I gain understanding into your unique needs—from the staples for your home to customized provisions upon arrival to your vacation destination. Including the cleaning and preparation of fresh fruits and produce, buying specialty items for restricted diets and food allergies, I also provide menu planning ideas, stocking, portioning, packaging and labeling for your convenience and turnkey usage.

“As a young child, one of my favorite influencers was the indomitable Julia Child. I would sit for hours watching her PBS show during her heyday from 1963-1973. “Bon Appetit” became a special moniker for me.”
—Rachel Mack