Meal Planning Consultant

As a meal planning consultant, I provide two package options for food and beverage provisioning for a number of scenarios: homes and vacation rentals, as well as 55′-60′ yacht charters and sailboats.

For the Vacation Package, I start with an initial intake session where I gain understanding into your unique needs—from the staples for your home to customized food and beverage provisions.

The Chef’s Choice Package includes the cleaning and preparation of fresh fruits and produce, buying specialty items for restricted diets and food allergies, I also provide menu planning, stocking, portioning, packaging and labeling for your convenience and turnkey usage.

Available in the Sarasota, FL region from December through April and in Cape Cod, Massachusetts from May through September.

Personal Chef

I am retained by Rosie O’Donnell as her family’s personal chef, having worked in this capacity since 2012. The logistics include numerous private homes and vacation spots, accommodating a variety of tastes, special guests, children, special occasions, holidays, and last minute requests.
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I’ve also worked as food provisioning consultant and personal chef for a couple, both of whom are high-level executives in need of a more convenient way to eat healthy.
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“Rachel has been a part of the family for the past 6 years. She plans our menus, shops, cooks and keeps the fridge and pantry stocked. She’s been with us for special occasions, like graduation parties and holiday celebrations. Rachel comes along on our out-of-town vacations and makes sure that we eat well. She is totally reliable and I love her cooking and energy!” – Rosie O’Donnell