Food Provisioning and Personal Chef in P-Town

Serving the Provincetown, MA Region Each Summer

Rachel — As your Culinary Consultant, I provide food and beverage provisioning prior to arrival at your vacation home. Through an initial intake session, I gain understanding into your unique needs, from the staples for the pantry to your favorite delicacies. Including the cleaning and preparation of fresh fruits and produce, buying specialty items for restricted diets and food allergies, I also provide menu planning, stocking, portioning, packaging and labeling for your convenience and turnkey usage.

By taking these things off your plate, you and Susan can focus on enjoying your time together. 

If you’d like, I’d be happy to prepare a delicious dinner or two for you both in the comfort of your vacation home. You can count on me to take all of the inconvenience out of shopping and cooking while you’re on vacation in P-Town. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Rachel will contact you or your agency, schedule an intake session (by phone, email or in-person), and together you’ll complete an interview/checklist.

Step 2

Rachel will set up a client profile internally, which includes contact info (address, mobile number, emergency contact, etc.), food and beverage preferences, allergies and dietary specs, and billing information—all of which you’ll approve and sign-off on.

Step 3

For food provisioning for homes, vacation rentals, yachts/sailboat charters, Rachel will collect details, including arrival/departure dates and times, venue (house / boat address), confirm access (key / security code, etc.) and an on-site contact, if applicable.

Step 4

Rachel will then deliver and stock your food & beverages, confirm delivery (by phone, email or text), and email a receipt. Within one week, she will email you a client satisfaction survey.

A lifelong lover of quality food and discovering the best places to grocery shop, I quickly ascertain sources, navigate grocery store layouts, best times and places to shop for any number of particular ingredients — from hard to find gourmet foods to locally produced farm-to-table items.

With numerous referrals, I guarantee you a level of trust and comfort with regard to your provisioning needs.