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Whether you’re planning a social event, looking for a personal chef, or are in need of food provisioning for your vacation, home, yacht or sailboat, you’ve found your culinary consultant. Call (845) 288-3058, or tell me more below and I’ll be in touch shortly.

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Rachel Mack

Culinary Consultant

(845) 288-3058

What Provisioning Clients Can Expect 

Step 1

Rachel will contact you or your agency, schedule an intake session (by phone, email or in-person), and together you’ll complete an interview/checklist.

Step 2

Rachel will set up a client profile internally, which includes contact info (address, mobile number, emergency contact, etc.), food and beverage preferences, allergies and dietary specs, and billing information—all of which you’ll approve and sign-off on.

Step 3

For food provisioning for homes, vacation rentals, yachts/sailboat charters, Rachel will collect details, including arrival/departure dates and times, venue (house / boat address), confirm access (key / security code, etc.) and an on-site contact, if applicable.

Step 4

Rachel will then deliver and stock your food & beverages, confirm delivery (by phone, email or text), and email a receipt. Within one week, she will email you a client satisfaction survey.