Food & Beverage Consultant

As a food and beverage consultant, I work with clients to design a culinary experience for attendees and guests—whether for corporate events or special events in your home, yacht, or other venue.

Available in the Sarasota, FL region from December through April and in Cape Cod, Massachusetts from May through September.

By leveraging extensive food industry expertise, I listen intently and ask pointed questions to understand your event’s theme, objectives, your preferences and those of your guests, as well as special requests. Throughout the process, I provide guidance on menu planning and beverage selection.

Beyond ensuring that guests feel appreciated and have an incredible experience, I can resource caterers, servers and more. With numerous referrals, I guarantee you a level of trust and comfort!

“Rachel has been a part of the family for the past 6 years. She plans our menus, shops, cooks and keeps the fridge and pantry stocked. She’s been with us for special occasions, like graduation parties and holiday celebrations. Rachel comes along on our out-of-town vacations and makes sure that we eat well. She is totally reliable and I love her cooking and energy!” – Rosie O’Donnell