What Questions Do You Have For Me?

Below is a list of common questions about my culinary consulting services. I’m always happy to hop on a call to discuss your social event, meal planning, or food & beverage provisioning needs.

Hospitality + Event Services

What is a culinary consultant?

A culinary consultant leverages extensive food industry expertise to provide guidance on hospitality and events—and is a professional grocery shopper, meal planner, and personal chef.

What kinds of social events do you handle?

For small, private parties and events of any kind in your home or on your yacht, I collaborate with you to plan your menu and beverage selection, advise on event details (including venue selection, if needed), and coordinate resources for catering, serving, bartending, and more.

Do you handle corporate events as well?
Yes! In fact, I have a degree in hospitality management and have coordinated corporate events of all kinds—from entertaining 2,100 corporate guests at one of the most memorable Olympic Games in Barcelona and managing the launch of ESPN The Magazine to coordinating client dinners and holiday parties.
What do you charge, and how are your fees structured?
For hospitality and event services, custom proposals are created based on type of event, venue, event date, number of guests, type of food and beverage, etc. Payment is due 10 days prior to the event date.

Professional Grocery Shopping

What’s the difference between the professional grocery shopper service you provide and home delivery from my local supermarket?
As a hospitality director and trained personal chef for families and celebrities for over 25 years, I select the finest and freshest ingredients—and then deliver, stock (your home, vacation rental, yacht or sailboat), prep ingredients for you and/or prepare meals. For special requests, I travel to the finest purveyors in the area as a concierge service. I can also coordinate the hospitality and catering of private parties for your family.
What experience do you have in working with busy families? Have you worked with celebrities and their families?
For the last 10 years, I’ve been the personal chef to couples and families looking for the most convenient way to eat healthy, delicious meals. I currently work with Rosie O’Donnell and her family for food provisioning and as personal chef, as well as culinary specialist for private events.
Can you provide references?
References are available upon request.
What do you charge, and how are your fees and payment terms structured?
For food provisioning services, I offer two packages: Standard Provisions or Chef’s Choice. Service fees are paid upfront, and grocery shopping bills are reimbursed as cash on delivery (COD).

Vacation Package: Customized grocery shopping and beverage selection to your specifications, understanding food sensitivities and preferences, and including delivery and stocking in your pantry and refrigerator.
Fee: $250

Chef’s Choice Package: Vacation Package plus cleaning and cutting fresh produce and fruit; portioning, packaging and labeling all protein (meat, poultry, fish, tofu, etc.), and weekly meal-planning.
Fee: $375

What should I expect from the process from initial contact through services rendered?
Step 1: Rachel will contact you or your agency, schedule an intake session (by phone, email or in-person), and together you’ll complete an interview/checklist.

Step 2: Rachel will set up a client profile internally, which includes contact info (address, mobile number, emergency contact, etc.), food and beverage preferences, allergies and dietary specs, and billing information—all of which you’ll approve and sign-off on.

Step 3: For food provisioning for homes, vacation rentals, yachts/sailboat charters, Rachel will collect details, including arrival/departure dates and times, venue (house / boat address), confirm access (key / security code, etc.) and an on-site contact, if applicable.

Step 4: Rachel will then deliver and stock your food & beverages, confirm delivery (by phone, email or text), and email a receipt. Within one week, she will email you a client satisfaction survey.

Are there dates or time periods when you know in advance that you’ll be unavailable?
Absolutely, and this will help you plan accordingly! I am in the Sarasota, Florida region December through April each year, and I’m in the Cape Cod, Massachusetts area May through September each year.
Can you also help cater private parties for us?

Of course! I can coordinate the hospitality and catering of private parties at your home, vacation rental or yacht. (Looking for corporate hospitality consulting?)