Welcome back to South Florida! The weather’s better than where you came from, the beaches are open and there’s plenty of cultural, sports and recreation activities to keep you busy all season long. What’s better than waking up to a quick check of the headlines, then heading out for golf, tennis, jogging, shopping or sightseeing with visiting family, relaxing at the pool in the afternoon, a walk along the ocean’s edge at sunset and an evening concert, ball game or theater performance?

What’s better is not dealing with dinner or looking for a lunch spot, and inviting a professional to provision you home, condo or yacht, plan meals, cook and serve you and your guests.

Rachel Mack is the “pro-to-go” for everything from culinary consultations and special events to provisioning your home, condo or yacht. Her skill at preparing one memorable meal or stocking your fridge and freezer with enough creative cuisine will redefine your idea of a “happy meal.”

Culinary collaboration: five reasons to consult with Rachel

When provisioning is your first need

A professional grocery shopper saves you time and money when you’re going out of town long-term for a sailing cruise, or coming into town to stay for several weeks or months. Avoid lines at the grocery store, unplanned and expensive side trips to port, wasted food and hours shopping, cooking, portioning and packing food with the meal provisioning service. The best of farm-to-table, fresh, local and organic foods chosen for you and a freezer/fridge with healthy, convenient, labeled, ready-to-heat (or just eat) meals and snacks.

You’re not depending on recommendations

You want to believe friends and family when it comes to restaurant recommendations. They’ll rave about the newest place and insist on going because “everyone loves it!” But even your nearest and dearest don’t share all your likes, dislikes, preferences and allergies. And with online reviews, even for “known” restaurants, you take your chances. Reviews written by paid employees, disgruntled ex-employees, paid writers who never stick a fork in a dish they review and robot-written reviews skew the reality of the dining experience; you have no honest idea of what the place is like. When you sit down with Rachel, she’s listening and carefully noting every desire and personal distaste. There’s no guesswork when it comes to pantry provisions and meals for you and your guests.

More than food, it’s about presentation and professionalism

Twenty-five years of hospitality training brings a special level of understanding and consideration of your dietary wants and needs to every aspect of food service, from spices and seasonings to serving pieces for the table, bar beverages, perfect plating of every course and courteous and professional service for every guest. Her clients include the Olympic Games hospitality, the ESPYs and the Disney Corporation, and her extensive experience means your dinner for two or corporate function for hundreds receives equal care and attention to detail.

Your meal, your schedule, your safety

With  your house or yacht provisioned, there’s no checking the clock, worrying about restaurant opening times or someone too tipsy to drive home. Guests don’t need to Google map their way to dinner, or designate a driver. Everything you need for a fine dining experience is coming to your home. The event goes on as long as you’ve planned; there’s no closing time when the party’s at your home. And for long voyages, there’s no worry about time-consuming stopovers in unknown port towns to pick up basic supplies. Every bit of space is carefully utilized for maximum food storage, and the consultation and buying experience ensures minimum spoilage and waste.

This is one-of-a-kind cooking

Every item served is unique, because you planned it; you’ve decided together what’s served and how it’s cooked. The food is a celebration on its own, aside from the event you’re celebrating. Your guests will be amazed, and yes, you can take credit for working with a creative team and bringing your own ideas to the table.