Condo and vacation rental sales require unique approaches to connecting with potential renters and building a relationship of trust and showcasing the property. One of the more interesting marketing ideas to boost vacation condo sales and rentals is to host potential clients for an experiential meal within the condo or a model condo. 

It’s All About the Buzz

As this recent NY Times article describes, a culinary experience within a condo will take much of the pressure off of both prospects and the owner or sales team for a vacation rental. This is more than just a sit-down dinner, though. A common cliche in sales training is to sell the sizzle not the steak; with an in-house culinary experience, you will sell the sizzle and the steak; and, the house comes too.  

The culinary arts are part of what makes us human. We enjoy the sights, smells, taste, and texture of food, but more importantly, we enjoy the experience of enjoying the culinary art with other people we love. When you combine the joy of eating with the process of selling, you get a moment in time that will make every lead a fan even if they do not purchase a condo or vacation rental. You will host a great sales event and leave your clients wanting more. 

The Entertainment and Value of a Personal Chef

As the New York Times article above mentions, hosting prospective condo purchasers at an event is a good idea, having the event be hosted by a high-quality chef is a great idea. The type of people who live in upper-middle-class urban neighborhoods or go on vacations tend to enjoy food, some are even foodies. Having a personal chef in the kitchen, showcasing the aesthetic and functional appeal of the home will give people a night to remember. Make the focus on the event, on the expertise of the chef and the deliciousness of the food, and those in attendance will see the entire home in the glow of joy and quality living. 

Having a personal chef host the event changes the night from a sponsored sales event to an opportunity to showcase the condo’s class and provide for marketing cross-over with another professional. Besides the marketing opportunities, using a qualified personal chef will increase the quality of the event (his or her brand is on the line as well) and decrease your workload. 

What does a qualified personal chef look like for a condo or vacation sales event? The chef will have experience serving the affluent, have an established personal brand as a chef, and experience managing small and large events. You don’t want a caterer, because you want the potential customers to feel like they are attending a dinner party in their own home, not an office event or a wedding. 

When the event is done, people will have the opportunity to consider not only the home but the accessibility of this specific personal chef to the community when they purchase a home, increasing its value to each person who attends the event. 

For Your Consideration

I have the experience to provide a beautiful, delicious experience for vacation renters, condo owners, and even yacht sales events (a dinner cruise to sell a boat sounds lovely). As a personal chef for Rosie O’Donnell, I have experience crafting meals for celebrities and affluent non-celebrities alike. As an expert personal chef, shopper, and consultant, I can create the atmosphere for a sales event that will make it memorable for everyone present and leave your prospects wanting more. 

I can help make the event full of flair, creativity, and gourmet selections that will make your life easier by showcasing the best of living that your condo or vacation rental provides.